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System Center solutions is the only unified management platform which allows you manage multiple hypervisors, applications and physical resources in a single offering, versus multiple fragmented point solutions offered by competitors. This platform helps  you manage your physical and virtual IT environments across datacenters, client computers, and devices. You can be a more productive service provider for your businesses by Using these integrated and automated management solutions. so that you can optimize your infrastructure by some features of System Center like capturing and aggregating knowledge about systems, policies, processes, and best practices to reduce costs, improve application availability and service delivery.


Key Benefits:


  • Integrated solutions from desktop to datacenter
  • Management of physical and virtual IT environments
  • Knowledge-driven management
  • Rapid time to value



System Center solutions provide complete management from the desktop to the datacenter:

  • System Center helps you deliver agile and cost effective datacenter services with integrated, "single pane of glass" management across your physical, virtual and cloud environments. System Center uniquely bridges the gap between private and public clouds with common management across infrastructure, platform and applications, thereby offering you unparalleled flexibility and control. 
  • Desktop
  •  System Center, as part of the Optimized Desktop, helps your organization to attain the right balance in its desktop infrastructure-empowering employees with the flexibility they need to be productive, while providing IT the necessary level of control, manageability and security


System Center includes various products:

  • System Center  Packs:


  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Desired Configuration Management (DCM) packs are now available for download! These DCM packs are designed to help simplify server configuration in your datacenter or private cloud, while providing your organization with guidance and centralized compliance reporting. System Center Configuration Manager discovers servers, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices connected to a network through Active Directory and installs client software on each node. There is a lot of great new functionality in the new version Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012, but some of them are more specific than others like user-centric management, collection-based configuration setting, configuration setting remediation, dependency-based software distribution, software center and application catalog.


  • Data Protection Manager allows you to leverage a single platform for true enterprise-wide key management across the infrastructure for home-grown encryption, third-party Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)-enabled systems, and Data Protection Manager-provided solutions. It enables rapid and reliable recovery from an easily accessible disk instead of waiting to locate and mount tapes. Some of this software features are amazing SQL protection and recovery, easy establish of Exchange protection, avaibility of SharePoint item level recovery, virtualizations enhancement, centeric data source protection and so more.
  • System Center Operations Manager  is a robust, comprehensive monitoring tool that has no single points of failure and that can provide comprehensive monitoring for Windows Systems, some UNIX/Linux systems and network devices. With System Center 2012, you can more easily and efficiently manage your applications and services across multiple hypervisors as well as across public and private cloud infrastructures to deliver flexible and cost-effective IT services for your business.. It utilizes a single interface that shows state and performance information of computer systems.


  • Microsoft® System Center Essentials (SCE) 2010 enables your organization to better monitor ,secure, update,  and troubleshoot from a single console so that your IT environment can efficiently manage tasks.  It provides you a single solution console  to manage physical and virtual servers, hardware, software, physical and virtual servers . By simplifying complex management tasks ,you can easily deploy this software.  It offers a versatile, integrated solution designed for managing operating systems, applications, hardware and IT services in multivendor environments with up to 500 client systems and a combination of 50 virtual/physical server OS instances.


  • System Center Mobile Device Manager  is a Mobile device management (MDM) solution that allows enterprise IT professionals to manage and automate tasks for Windows Mobile devices also allows administrators to remotely wipe sensitive data from devices, in case of loss or theft. In general, the software reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs, scaling quickly from dozens to hundreds or thousands of users on a given server. It also provides over-the-air (OTA) management of Windows Mobile Smartphone security, applications and settings.
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager enables your IT staff to increase physical server utilization by making possible simple and fast consolidation on virtual infrastructure. This is supported by consolidation candidate identification, fast Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) migration and intelligent workload placement based on performance data and user defined business policies
  • By using Microsoft's new Opalis IT process automation software, your IT organization can dramatically reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by replacing resource-intensive, error-prone manual activities with standardized, automated processes . This platform is targeted to provide a vehicle that IT pros can use to automate tasks across various systems via a workflow without “necessarily” writing code. It also enables to automate cross-silo processes without writing a single line of code. of course, if you have special requirements, it is still needed to code, but out of the box you get as many as 40 integration packs to different products and technologies (not only microsoft!) that makes the building process of your workflows as easy as possible.



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