About Kourosh Computer

 Kourosh Computer Engineering Group, a software and hardware service provider company, founded in 2003, Iran.
This group is specialized in designing functional and professional softwares and business solutions. We`ve reached high levels of organizational advantages in research and can deliver the best fitted dynamic platforms.
KC Group started designing, producing and serving its customers over 10 years ago and since 2009 has made more concentrated efforts in order to the challenges that businesses are facing.

Our mission:

It is our mission & goaL to test, analyze, design and implement the most recent global technology and business intelligence (BI) methods by Microsoft Dynamics Products, and to provide the most up to date methods to help organizations face their business challenges and keep them on the forefront of technology. for managing organizations.
Moreover, we provide fields for transferring our knowledge to other partners and countries. Our goal is to set up databases, modern organizational management tools, business intelligence processes and studying on international markets for production and sales based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Our advantages:

KC group is one of the first Iranian companies endeavored for familiarizing Iranian organizations with Microsoft dynamics platform and is one of premieres which has participated in the international BI plans by bridging the gaps between inside and outside markets. You can find our company listed in Microsoft,, Microsoft Professional Resellers group and Microsoft Global Market. We`re also the official representative of UK BDS company and business cooperator of Resco Europe. We`ve designed two new global softwares including TouchEatMenu & Infotainment systems. Our group is also experienced in designing and modeling organizational chartes by Microsoft Modeller, analyzing and designing softwares based on Microsoft Sure step methodology. Ready to create tomorrow for you!
 Sure Step Methodology

This methodology provides different project types to suit your implementation engagement, as well as optional offerings to assist you during Diagnostic and Optimization.  Flowchart diagrams within the Sure Step Methodology point you to tools and templates that can be used at different phases, while the content provides detailed guidance on roles required to perform activities and proven best practices.Read more

Business Modeler

The Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model describes how people in departments do work within and across organizations. It is the repository for all of the Microsoft Business division’s information and research regarding processes and people and is used to ensure that we are focusing on a common set of people and processes when we build Microsoft Dynamics solutions.Read more


سمینار و کارگاه آموزشی مدیریت ارتباط با مشتری
MS Dynamics CRM 2011 با معرفی

حضور در نمایشگاه بین المللی صنایع غذایی در مشهد
با ارائه راهکارهای کنترل بازار و کاهش ریسک

برگزاری دوره های آموزشی کار با Dynamics CRM 2011
با ارائه مدرک معتبر از BDS انگلستان مورد تایید مایکروسافت


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